September 13, 2006

Still sick

Yeah, I am still a bit sick, now getting better. Thank God for that. I am currently just have some minor sore throat, and also some discomfort around the chest whatsoever.

Streamyx is still down and laggy. Take long time to load even this page for me to blog. It's so frustrating, given the money I paid them every month. Well, good chence for me to train my patience.

I am still OK, that's all I want to say. God gives me the strength to let me do His will, to glorify his name.

Praise the Lord!


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Anonymous said...

i hope this able to transmit. wakaka.
i still remember that day you take a few sip of lydias chocolate kokoberry drink. after she take a sip too she say, uh oh, then say shes feeling a little itchy throat. lolzzzz~
deng deng deng