October 20, 2006

Not enough sleep

Oh dear, it's has been 3 consecutive days that I have not slept early, including tonight. Well, feel a bit relieved to have successfully done the Red Crescent National Awards nomination stuffs. I hope all the hard work will pay off with an award. If there's none, well, that does not really matters much, just like doing some betting.

However, until now, I have not read a thing about Moral! It's maybe so stupid and horrible, and the truth is that exam is just 5 hours from now! Mum's pushing me to get 60 marks this time, but everyone knows how hard to reach that level. Anyway, I just hope I still retain the half mark, it's enough already.

Anyway, yesterday's exam was still fine for me. Feel great when I put the last full stop and everyone's know with this gone, it's our countdown to holiday.

Emma also wish me a happy belated birthday, only after I tried to remind her. Kinda want to bring people to town tomorrow, since tomorrow's exam will end early and Chinese will only start 3 hours after that. However, it's already cancelled to submit my nomination form.

In the afternoon, I went to have a potrait photo, wearing Red Crescent uniform. Here's it is.

It's only above par to me. Wish to tell you actually that time I am only wearing the "baju uniform" only, instead of the white trousers, I wore short pants to shoot that photo! Hahaha! Fortunately the photo does not show much of it.

I wondered, why others' picture is always nicer than mine?

Back home and follow Mum's instruction to sleep. Life's continues as normal as time went on. Prayer, chat, eat and relax. No tension of exam at all.

Mum was also making fun at me because I told her that I want to go out myself to submit the form, so that I can go out to town. Then she slammed me back, saying I take time out to have a date. To make things merrier, I purposely admit it and twist the topic round and round. LOL, I have a date? Not this time for sure! LOL!

If I say I don't want a date, certainly I am a LIAR. But sorryla, dating is still something unrealistic for me at this moment.

Feel lame in this late night, but with God I shall not fear. Feel that holiday is really approaching now.

May the peace of Christ be with you all!

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