October 16, 2006

Sleepless in the afternoon

Afternoons are always supposed to be the low-tme for everyday. Almost everyday I spend the afternoon time to take a long long nap and enjoy.

However, today is an exception. Feel a bit strange, but nevermind, try to get to it.

This morning Physics exam is truly insane to me. I believe it's not only me in trouble, in fact all including the big boys and girls are ALL IN TROUBLE! I just can't believe my eyes when I see those super hardcores. Especially the written practical section, what experiment can be done with string, nail and plasticine to test potential energy? Essay questions was also a problem when I have trouble to determine which type of mirrow should be used. And whenever I am asked anything about forces and motion, sorry, I am dragged to dead end.

Feels relieved after the dreadful test, seems all over for me, but I still keep that glimmer light of hope. It's pantang for me to be hopeless on anything, at least must hope a little.

Afternoon is just too excited for me to sleep. Reading newspaper nowadays is very fun to read the criticising articles about issues around the country, where the expressions used is simply fantastic. However, it also brings some concerns to me whether there's a future or not in our country. Maybe I am going to blog about this when that's time.

Some instincts in me draws me to read the scripture. It's good to read, but honestly, I feel very sleepy after reading 1 chapter. Probably I spend too much to read and "chew" each word, or simply I am not devoted enough. It nearly put me on bed, but I refused and quickly get down. Then sleepiness is gone, at instance! Wow!

Then I tried to get somehting ot eat. To my horror, many ants already camping in the food before I managed to get it! Ants are everywhere! So frustrating! So annoying! Since when my house has become a camp for ants?! Declared "war" on them by sweeping, pressing them whatsoever, just want to wipe them all by any means.

I seems merciless huh? Hahaha....

That ends my post now. Really hope tomorrow, at least, is a happy day for me!

God bless you all!

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