November 11, 2006


When I woke up this morning, I just felt it's not going to be a pleasing day for me. After this while, well, ups and downs are there, but all of that just simply satisfying.

Felt so homesick after Mass. I just want to take the bus home, but cannot because I got to attend the YLC, for the first time ever of course. It's a new experience to speak up front, but I am still not fluent enough to speak in public, means cannot talk smoothly or express what I want to say properly.

Fair enough with that meeting. Thought want to go out again, but the homesick feeling make me went back home. Ah, so relieved to sleep for a while and have free lunch at home. No more that frustrating feeling, at least for a while.

After that, I went back to HQ to have training for coming first-aid competition. Nevertheless this training is just OK for me, as I keep trying to get the team leader post. That's what I want the most, since I suck being No.2. See first how it goes.

As said, it was very relieving to be at home after each dreadful training. Of course PC was the first place to reach upon reaching home. My aunt coming from Bintulu keep saying about her Amway things and I listened to her talks without much complaints. Anyway, there's no such will that I want to be businessman. I am still very strong on my dream to become a priest.

I just let my future be done according to God's will. As Paul said in readings to day, with God's power, there's nothing that cannot be done.

After dinner, all went to Boulevard to have some shopping. At there, I was busy with my handphone. Simply exciting and I love it. Never been so busy before to SMS with girls. Haha, thanks a lot to Emma and Priscilla, if not I will be so bored strolling around without anything.

Then we didn't went straight home, but went uphill to Canada Hill. There we have some night drinks there, as well as watching the gorgeous night scenery. Wasn't that superb to bring someone I love to there to have a date, or simply enjoy all of these silently? LOL.

It's still OK at the end of the day. Thanks be too God for all of these. May He continue to grant me the strength and hope to face every challenges in life.

Hope tomorrow's going to be great Sunday!

God bless you all!

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