November 27, 2006

Nothing much I want to say

It's me again blogging here through a Linux environment! Today was thought to be an exhaustive and tiring day, but actually it didn't really to be like that. Though it's not so cool, at the end of the day like now, nothing much I want to say.

Today is the trial competition for my team. Our opponents was the champions of inter-unit first aid competition, which chose to waive their chance to represent Miri. We only battled with them in quiz bee and B&I (bandaging and immobilizing) session. So jealous to see other teams do the bandaging without any tension and keep on laughing and joking. Well, we maybe won against them, but overall I could feel that our performance is still substandard only. To cover it up just allow me to use the term "still got rooms of improvement."

Then we proceed to team tests without any opponents. Traditional-based team tests were still OK to me, except that Ming Chai making a lot of mistakes in decision making. And we were not looking good in community-based team tests, though 1 of them is my favourite topic about HIV and AIDS. Again, I want to say, we got lot's "rooms of improvement." LOL....

For this competition, I always bear in mind that this time we went there just to do our best. NO NEED to bother too much on other things which boggle so much our brain. My mind set is "If win, win lo! If lose, lose lo!" It's just that easy! Don't worry, be happy and enjoy the competition! That's me lo! Hahaha!

But then I have to give praises to my team members lo. Unlike me, they trained so hard, read so much, much more hardworking than me. They liked training better than me. I would really hope we could we win something there to repay their hard work.

After the dreadful trail and some discussion plus log-rolling session, I went to have roti canai with Ming Chai. It's so nice until I found myself quite hard to stop ordering another roti canai! Hehehe, when I want to eat, it's so hard to stop you know....

As conclusion, thank God for this day. I just cannot stop to trust and hope in His grace and mercy. My dreams are in thy hands, O Lord Jesus my God!

That's all for today lo!

God bless you all!

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