November 25, 2006

Wrecked weekend again

It's another frustrating wrecked weekend for me again. On and on again is the training for the coming competition. I can say it was a disappointment for our team because my team's performance below their standards. Poor Ming Chai had to be scolded repeatedly, that he could not hide his temper towards the trainers.

Nevertheless, maybe these are training our patience, besides on our alertness too. I also did many stupid mistakes simply because of the many hidden injuries, which I think the clues given are simply ridiculous. I can't wait to get this over soon, or rather have the competition tomorrow. Just hope time can pass very fast.

Since I was back from camp, suddenly I wanted so much to eat PIZZA. It's just comes suddenly, don't know why. Due to the increase of PIZZA madness, added with my low mood, I went straight to Pizza Hut to have a pizza treat for myself. Honestly it's not really enough with only a small personal pan pizza, but at least can cure my pizza addiction for a while. I planned that after the competition I will have a bigger treat for myself and probably others lo. Good things have to be shared ma....

Nothing much happens at night as both of my parents came home late from estate. Praying always remain integral part of might life, as well as online. Simply the best!

Tomorrow is the feast of Christ the King and it would be held in Indoor Stadium. Hope it's gonna be new experience to me. I really want Christ to become the King who reigns in my heart.

God bless you all!

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