December 10, 2006

Keep hoping

Hello again to all the viewers of the World Wide Web who has kindly spend some time to this minuscule blog. Glad to have you here!

Second week of Advent started with Sunday Mass at Cathedral. It's like "home sweet home" since I have not been in Chinese Mass for about 3 weeks. So nice and yet so cool. Bishop Lee preceded the Mass, and I had problems to catch his homily in Chinese.

The words in Gospel, "All people on earth shall see the salvation from God" gave me much hope. Quite touched when realized from homily, that God never ceased his salvation plan. No matter how big is the sin of the human race, He still wants us back, He still want to save us. That's why His Son, Jesus came down to free us from sin. The final and most complete salvation will be reached upon Christ's second coming. That's why in Advent, not only we prepare for Christmas, but also Jesus' second coming.

Met a lot of people there who I didn't see for a long time. It's either they have become more handsome or prettier. LOL. This student group was still the same and the caroling practice was still "cold." Anyway, it's great to be back, even though only left for 3 weeks.

Didn't go anywhere after that since the clouds in the sky gathered around and became darker. Rain eventually dropped heavily, and thus it gave me a nice sleep around. No dreams for me, although I wished I could have made some, including some sweet dreams with her of course, LOL.

Then at evening I involuntarily played table-tennis with Dad. I was obviously frustrated with my fragmented mood, the net kept blocking the ball. I slammed hard the table in anger. Dad just looked at me helplessly. Probably my skills need much polishing.

Later at night my family and I went out again to have dinner. It's not my desirable Pizza Hut meal, however it's at the small restaurant at Riam Willow Road. Nevertheless, it's an enjoying meal, and much more affordable too. The cost of whole family, I think is equivalent to a person's meal at Pizza Hut. LOL, what a difference!

Back at home I continued with my daily routine rosary and prayer. After that I chatted, besides viewing websites which I think teenagers won't be interested in such things. In rooms, Chew Rou even dragged me from four corners to confess something, since I put the phrase "It's only that I care about you." Well then, I didn't mention any names, but chat with the flow in which I think it's fun.

Regarding this, I always hold on to my social relationship policy "to be friends and love each other." That's a strong one, very useful to anyone. I will be always willing and more than happy to help anyone in need. In the case of boy-girl relations, I still apply the same principle, wary that "not to have so to say special feeling anymore." It's simply ridiculous to have such "feelings" when you felt some attractions to her, or she ever did something good to me, or more kept in touch whatsoever bla bla bla bla.......

I ever had that for so many times, and still have it now. Ridiculous, but....... sigh.....

Everyone is indeed special to me. It's OK for me to miss somebody who I had not seen for a long time, or to go to anyone's house, or being attracted to someone....... As long as I treat everyone as special and unique, it's an accomplishment to me!

In the coming week I want continue to have that HOPE. Hope, especially in God, cannot fail when it's based on solid ground. It's that hope which will bring much happiness to me and everyone.

God bless you all!

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