December 26, 2006

Not in good mood, sigh....

Anyway praise God for guiding me through this day. Though not very good to me, but then I have no complaints, just glad the day is almost over by now.

Why not in mood? I also don't know, maybe you may want to have a chat with me to know why? LOL

Day started as usual, church and breakfast at town. I went past the crib again, and this time I managed to snapped some pictures of it.

Full look on the crib. I admit it's not as real as the real nativity scene 2000 years ago, but just let it be.

Closer look on baby Jesus. How adorable! He's the King of Universe!

Wandering around at town now is getting so lame, but then going home was lame too, since I had nothing to do in both places. Just take some photos at town, then went home dizzily.

Then while I was so boring at home, suddenly I saw one Royal Brunei Airline Boeing 737 always landed on Miri Airport, at around 8 times like that. That's one time where it took off before touching down!

Too bad I didn't have any pictures of it, but I spent time waiting for any planes flew by to let me have a shot of it. Maybe it's lame, but then at least gave me something to do.

FAX Fokker 50 flew by my house.

Hope I will have many good aeroplane shots tomorrow!

At first I want to go biking to airport so that I can have more planes photos. But then there's no air in my bike's tyre, and the air pump is broken! So lame, this added fuel to fire in me! So frustrated that time, I kicked the walls, the chairs, punched the tables, just to released the anger. Looking back, it's very unnecessary to be angry like that, right?

Bikes are there, but cannot use! :(

After routine prayer and dinner, all of my family went out since my house here was so hot. It's cool air-conditioned at Boulevard there, but then I didn't feel good, always had some uneasy hotness in my body. Went to have a look on the Thai expo, which to me not attractive at all. Wanted ice-cream so much that time, but by the time we went to McTreats booth there, it's closed! What the.... aarrgghhhhh.... so lame so lame....

And then while I went home, I kept on telling my family I have a "heart disease." Yes, do miss people right now. Just now at evening, I fantasized about her so much that drove me nuts all around. Whether I really have the so-to-say "heart disease," I surrender it to God. He knows me more than I know myself.

So, be hopeful, cherish the future! Hope in Jesus Christ our Lord!

God bless you all!

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