December 27, 2006

Not so good, yet not so bad

It's raining very heavily outside there. I am stranded at home doing nothing except blogging, LOL

Strong earthquakes at Taiwan has caused some Internet service degradations. I cannot connect MSN, nor Yahoo, nor any international services, or online games. As long as the website is not hosted in Malaysia, it would be a hard time to load it. Very frustrating, but the grateful because till now can blog here.

Thumbs up for Google anyway for setting server hosts everywhere on earth, which allows me to blog now. Click here for details on this service degradation, if you are interested to know more. My bro even told me that it's informed from TV that this service downtime will last at least 3 weeks. Oh no....

Anyway, besides that internet down time, not really has done anything throughout the day. I washed my dirty school bags, which has followed me to the forests of Similajau and Lambir, and also the victorious moment at Kuching. Then I went upstairs to play football PC games.

Later I prayed for sometime before proceeding to study a bit of Chemistry. It drove me drowsy even only read one chapter, so eventually I slept with no worries.

Strangely I had flu right after I woke up. Don't know how many tissue papers has been wasted to wipe away the mucus from nose. (Yucks!) I am also having no idea why I felt so hot inside my body, but felt cold outside. Oh no, looks like I am going to enter to new year in sickness lo.

Just hope in God, my final bottom line that will let me down. Be it the Internet downtime, or being sick, just continue to hope for better tomorrow.

God bless you all!

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