December 13, 2006

OK for everything!

Haha, here again I blog for a second time for today!

After I have blogged something this morning, I went to have some quick looks on my new books. Thanks to my sister who willingly helped me to pack all the books with emboss cover. Unusually, after I browsed through the new Chemistry SPM reference book, I spent 1 hour of flashing back the chapters in Form 4! LOL, still studying in holiday? Not my cup of tea of course!

The SUCCESS series from Oxford Fajar also include a free CD in each books, which can be played in VCD player. The contents are rather lame on how to used the book, and some motivational talks. I was not flattered by it, since the word SUCCESS was kept repeating all around. As if whoever who used their series will sure become successful.

Nevertheless, it's a good reference series. Despite the price tag, I still recommend Oxford Fajar series to everyone!

Some of my F5 books, gearing up for SPM next year lo. Feeling headache when seeing these books le.

After some studying, then I went upstairs and read Bible. It's always hard to understand whenever I am not prepared to read it wholeheartedly. Only in God's guidance then I understand gradually after reading the same verse and chapter again and again. LOL, eventually I felt drowsy then went to sleep lo.

Night time was again spent at the usual way. This drew me to total boredom. I missed her very much now, but then I could not find her anywhere. Feeling sad about it. Nothing much I desire, just want to be closer and remain friends with her. I want to share something I have to her, like the championship won at Kuching a fortnight ago, so that it's going to be more meaningful to me. I wish I can do something that can make her happy, and certainly her smile will be huge reward for me. IS THAT SOMETHING IMPOSSIBLE?

Anyway, praise and thank God for today. Christmas is getting nearer and nearer, making me even conscious on my preparation towards that big feast. Let the baby Lord Jesus be born again in my heart this year.

God bless you all!

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