December 16, 2006

Take it easy

Hello everyone! First of all thanks for your kind visit here!

So let me talk about this quite cool Saturday. Early morning I went for Mass at Cathedral there, since Mum didn't have exercise in the morning. It's a fast Mass that ended very early indeed.

After my delicious breakfast at Kwantung Street, I strolled around town area. It's still early, sometime between half past 7 and 8. It's a vibrant morning, everyone still busy around with their own jobs. Without going anywhere, I walked as a loner down the streets, watching people around me, cars around me, building around me, plants around me and so on. It's been a while to go out like this. I also went to some places where I think no many of us will go to such places. Guess what?

I did went to bookshop to buy some more books for next year. Not so much but only 1 History book and 2 novels for school. It's still very early, so I can say I am the only customer there, where I listened to the workers' gossiping there. Bus failure later on delayed my time to go home, so take another time out to have something to drink.

I did miss her again when I was at bus going home. This time is more in positive way. When the bus passed by airport, my mind was fantasizing about meeting her on that airport. This made me nearly missed the bus stop where I supposed to stop! I couldn't help myself but laughed and laughed as I went home.

At home I did some house cleaning as ordered by Mum. Later I appear in fornt of PC again to watch some online TV. Not so long, I gave way to my brother and went to sleep. After lunch I went to sleep again for some more hours. Sleeping seems to be my only business. Hahaha....

Later at night we went to Boulevard to do some shopping for coming CNY. Except Mum, everyone got something for themselves. For me I had 2 new shirts. We spent about RM300 there, and everything is paid by credit card. LOL, showing off? During shopping my brother kept on disturbing me because I don't install his favourite game. I didn't respond anything, and after some patience he stopped making fun. Surely he knows it's hard to force me to do whatever I don't like. LOL

So that wraps up my day till now. Tomorrow supposed to be a joyful Sunday, because Christmas is just days away now! Let's rejoice in the Lord!

God bless you all!

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