December 31, 2006

Wonderful 2006

Well well well, as I have promised, here's what I can provide on my own all-year recap of the wonderful year of 2006.

So I go through it month-by-month, read on to know more.....

Let's start off from way way back in January. It's exciting to enter Form 4, where I expected much challenges and adventure. I made resolution that I always in peace, no matter what have to be it glory to God. Got to know many new friends upon reaching Form 4. Orientation sucked us too much freedom as I think we didn't have class for sometime. At that time, my egoistic heart made me want to take 14 subjects. I was elected as class monitor too, so from the start of the year I already had red tie on me already! Yeah.....

From February, life's at Form 4 was getting harsh, with all the exams started to crush and threaten us. It's completely different story from lower form. I had missed my life at lower form, and regretted not having the most fun out of it. Nevertheless life still have to go on. MRCS school unit had orientation at Taman Awam, and loved photography since there, to capture the sweetest (and also the worst) moments in life. That time I witnessed the breaking of Chieng's family from our school unit, which to me all due to politics and totally useless.

I had my first ever upper form exam in March. It's tough enough for me that time, managaed to get all the substandard marks. Luckily I didn't fail anyone of them! That time was season of Lent, so my life that time was very low-profiled. Nothing much happened in that month. Or if had, I also cannot remember, LOL.

April was an eventful month. Easter Sunday provided me much joy and hope for the Lord has risen! Training for Inter-Unit First Aid Competition heated up, with me becoming the team leader for my school. After 1 month training, we ended up as runner-up, trailing only 0.1 point from the champions? Regret? Got some la, but then this was enough for us since we didn't win any sections and we were all expecting to go home empty-handed. Great for the team, a vital confident-booster for me! Later I was selected as prefect, in which I had to undergo 3-day-KJD whose memory still vivid in me.

In May I started my prefect duties along with other colleagues. I only did the morning duty for the first week, as I was too eager and "addicted" to Mass everyday. Prefect's assignment drove me, which include school cleaning, essays, get signatures. I still remember I was punished and scolded heavily for being defiant in getting signatures. Witnessed my team Arsenal beaten by Barcelona in the Champions League Final at Paris, kinda disappointed but proud with their performance! The Sarawak State Assembly Election also made me happy, which saw Rocket flew high, winning 6 seats out of 12 contested! So cool man....

Moving on to June, the church camp organized by the Singaporeans invited by Fr. Gabriel made my short holiday very meaningful. I remember the kids and teens showing off their cheers "Waaa!!!" and "yo yo cool!" at there. World Cup fever struck me, with me following every match available for me to watch, even after school reopened. Also I was installed as prefects, where I wore blue blazers and pants. First time I felt myself being handsome, but then what a responsibility for me as well. That time all my colleagues was looking super duper terrific! But then, the girl-bullying video on YouTube crushed the school. The impact was big, very big.

July is a month without any holidays. Quite a busy month have to say. Not only busy in prefect jobs, but also in MRCS. Some relationship matters also gloomed my heart. Went on with it strongly. Flag sale was held for only 2 days this year, without any competition among the units. I still remember how crazy we are in front of the 4D shop, singing, joking loudly, being scolded by boss there.... LOL, it's just fun!

Moving in to August, it's an exciting month. It's started with Prefect Night where I became MC. It was a great success, and first time saw all my friends and colleagues wore so elegantly to a function like that. Participated the Inter-Clubs camp as quartermaster, which enables me to make more new friends! First time hashing at Canada Hill was a great experience. Started my "computer repairing career" at which I received quite a lot of requests to repair PC, and I enjoyed going to people's house to get the things done for them. No money received, just the rewarding experience.

September was running slow, with me staring to hate schooling life. Homeworks were piling up very fast. Very stressed out and moody too. September was a complete disaster.

October was back packed with much fun. So happy I could go Brunei after 10 years without leaving Malaysia, even though only as a transit to Limbang. Straight after that was the memorable MRCS Appreciation Night. My birthday was in low mood due to exam, as I only received 1 present. The final exam rolled up what I learnt in Form 4.

I think I had longest schooling session in secondary school life, where we had class all the way until the third week. To mark the start of holiday, I went to Similajau with friends in school unit, in whcih the 20 km walk in the forest was truly unforgettable. Later went to Lambir for the Youth Camp, where I gained the experience of being a vice camp commandant. It's then continued with intensive training for Inter-Chapter First Aid Competition. It's harsh, it's tough, it couldn't be fun at all.

December started with delight with coming back from Kuching as Champions! What a finale for me! All the hard work had paid off! How joyful to start the Advent! After that, whole month was relaxing. Caroling made my heart happy and had a meaningful Christmas, which eventually put a full stop to my wonderful 2006!

So, 2006, full of events, full of happenings, full of drama, yet what a blessing from God which guided me through all of these! Hope 2007 will be another amazing year for me! In God, I trust.

Praise the Lord! God bless you all!

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