January 9, 2007

Felt being loved

It's always being great that you know you are being LOVED. And bear in mind everyone, no matter where, who, what you are, you are always LOVED by someone in the world.

Do I felt being loved today? YES OF COURSE! What can be more better if I felt the love of God when I wake up? How can I resist the love of my Mum to wake up so early to prepare breakfast for me and send me to school? And how I can deny my Dad's love towards my family as our breadwinner and protector of the family?

Can't you feel the love in school? Though sometime it's harsh, teachers are always the ones who love us just as their own children. They are so dedicated in teaching, not only to make us ready for exam, but also to become better citizens, better people. They don't want us to be in error and useless rubbish. How dare we say our friends didn't love us? They are the ones making our life beautiful, helping you in studies, being in your accompany for chats and be your ears to listen to your troubles?

So let's us create a world of love in these loveless world. Banish hatred in our heart, and let love reigns in us. Love cannot be reduced in merely man-woman relationship, but then, it's far more complex, much beyond what you (and me) can think about.

From now on, do feel the love around you, enjoy it, savour it, keep it, appreciate it. Certainly your day will be more brighter and full of hope towards future. Future will never be in despair again.

P.S: I cannot help myself in typing this probably LAME post. Bear with it's boredom OK?

God bless you all!

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