January 9, 2007

A (not so good) prayer

Oh dear Lord Jesus:

Thank you for giving me this day. Thank you for giving me a safe way through all the challenges of the day. Thank you for all the graces and blessings you have poured on me without measure and limit.

Thank you my Lord, for your Word is having so much authority, that can pierce through everyone's heart, more sharper from any double-edges sword, even piercing me as well. Ah, can I list down all the thanksgiving to you for all the mighty and wonders that you have done to me?

And Lord, at this moment, have mercy on me, your lowly servant, a sinner. Forgive me all my sins, and let me be truly sorry, because I have offended you. I have misused your grace. I have put shame on you because of my sins. Because of my sins, you had to suffer and die on the Cross. Have mercy on us all O Lord, please never be apart from us.

Help us eager to know you more, and also to love you more in our heart. Never let any moment that our heart forget about you. Allow me to see your revealed face, through prayers, for indeed, your gaze at me heal my inner hurt heart.

Help me to cleanse our hands and heart, let nothing evil nor deceitful invade me anymore, for I trust in your protection. Send upon your Holy Spirit to guide me, to open my heart, so that I may love others like you did, so that my hearts will be opened for you and anyone in need. Don't let me fall into pride, envy, greediness of the world, and allow me to always remain in your Holy Love.

Help me also, grant me that special priestly vocation. You know that I want to be a priest, and you know why. But it's surely impossible if it's not Father's will. I hope in you Lord, for in my past experiences, you had never let me down. You are always my source of Hope, for in Bible it says, "Blessed are those who hope in God!"

Bless all my loved ones, all my friends, that they always in peace and joy. You know how joyful I am when seeing them in daily life, how they make my life so wonderful. I thank you for them. Please O Lord, bless them abundantly, I pray.

At this late night, I surrender all myself to you, and always trusting in your mercy and LOVE. Apart from you, I can do nothing at all. Yes, I love you Lord Jesus.

This prayer is asked through Christ our Lord. Amen.

Mother Mary, O Blessed Virgin, Mother of Jesus Christ our God, thank you for always willing to take care of me as your own son. Draw me closer to your son Jesus, and intercede for us to Him. I believe that your plea to Him will never be unheard. I trust in your Immaculate Heart.


God bless you all!

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