January 8, 2007

I will never let go....

Another schooling day, another day filled with so much things, all of that baffling my mind.

Start of the day was smooth. Celebration of the Baptism of Christ at chapel was also smooth. Getting along with people was smooth. Even trying to concentrate on study also VERY SMOOTH. Seems like everything went smoothly in my way. Feel happy and joyful!

Luckily I didn't went for assembly this morning, if so would cost my whole day to be in ruins. LOL. Speaking about prefect stuffs, I hardly do any jobs today. No canteen duty (today's my off day), no morning duties (you know why) and didn't stay for orientation. Am I being irresponsible and negligent? Only God knows. Hehehe....

Didn't see much of her today at school. Even it's hard for me as well to pick up the phone to SMS her, or start a chat at MSN. Probably this is the only down side of the day. Anyway, as time goes by, I discovered my feelings getting dimmer and dimmer, and I am not so willing to reigniting the initiation feeling. It's not going to worth it. I stick hang on to my "love everyone" policy, which of course, not only rewarding and enjoying, it helps me to grow as a person as well.

At afternoon nothing much was done, except some prayer and sleeping. Later at night I went to cathedral for biblical theology. The small classroom was packed. Being the late ones, I have to sit and write without tables. Thank God I am diligent enough to write the notes down with F1 speed.

Back home later and trying to blog again. Internet connection still not yet fully recovered, sad to say. Anyhow, after this I'll have to do homeworks and filing. Ho, it's going to be another sleepless night.

Thank God for this SMOOTH day, for letting me more about Word of God. I fully trust my God, he will take care of me forever!

God bless you all!

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