January 7, 2007

Humility matters

Walao eh, what happened to Blogger? It took me ages to load this posting page.

Anyhow, glad anyway because I can blog something here. Today is the first Sunday of the year, and also celebrates the Epiphany of our Lord.

When arrived at cathedral this morning, I stopped by the crib again and saw 3 magi (or called wise men) venerating baby Jesus, with the 3 gifts- gold, frankincense, and myrrh. This is the Epiphany, where God showed himself in human form to the whole world, to "foreigners" like us. The "special star" which guides the magi, is the light of faith, or Holy Spirit, which leads us to Christ, be more bounded to him. Plus, it's a call from God, to become true witnesses of Christ.

We also have to emulate the magi, which made a long way from Persia to meet Christ, the real King, after watching the "special star." How happy they were when they see the true King, the truth that they longed for? As Christians, are we really willing to overcome obstacles to meet Christ, to accept Christ as King and Lord? Do we still willing to remain Christians of "half bucket water"?

Just some imperfect and incomplete reflection. Just I had said at Christmas, Epiphany marks an end to Christmastide. Thank God for these wonderful Christmas days.

Rain poured down heavily during the Mass, and our family was caught in cathedral. I waited to test my patience, whilst playing with rain water. Since of the heavy rain, my siblings and I skipped the cell group and went straight home after breakfast.

At home I relaxed, prayed rosary, and have some reading about Confirmation. Well, I am going to be confirmed this year, and I know this sacrament is BIG. It will complete me as a Christian with all the gifts of Holy Spirit. I won't want to take this lightly.

Later my sister and I went back to Cathedral for the pre-confirmation talk. Met up many friends at there, like Priscilla, Xian Mei, Kevin, Mattheus etc. But then, the process of the talk was not really enjoyable for me. Pardon me if I being proud, I would rather to undergo confirmation with the grown-ups rather than with youths, don't ask me why. I found myself little bit proud during the talk, even though not showing it. The talk is about history of Catholic Church, which I heard already during theology classes last year. Just some "refreshment of memories" only.

It's organized by Christ Teens, where it's something similar as YCS in school. Loud and booming music, singing through mic instead of choir, bla bla bla..... Many "push factors" in my heart actually.

Thinking back, humility matters the most. I am inside it already, so bear with it. Maybe this time is a training from God to become more and more humble, so as to make me worthy to be sealed with the Gifts of Holy Spirit.

And so I went home and found myself on bed after that. Life continued as usual. Chatted with Chew Rou where she asked me to think of an ambition for her writing of article. I was surprised and bewildered, hey, she's supposed to make her own ambition. But being her friend, I helped her by listing occupations which I think suitable for her, as well as the reasons. Glad I can help, though I am still bewildered. LOL....

Enough for all the craps, thank and praise God for this Sunday. I hope in coming week I can grow stronger in faith, continue to love God and others as much as I can. Grant O Lord, a pure heart to be created in me. I want to surrender everything mine to God Most High.

God bless you all!

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