January 12, 2007

Late lo

It's approaching 0215 by now. Just finished my studies and homework. Today I am strangely very hardworking. I can just pick up a book and read it without much distraction and sense of tiredness. Though my stamina is always below par, but then I still can finished (almost) all the homeworks given, in just 3 hours at home.

Cool right? Hehehe..... My style of approaching homework is MUST BE FAST. If slow down, sure will have many things come hunting down my "trying to concentrate" mind.

Notes, books, pens, cup of tea, all on table. So lame....

Still got time to pose with cup? LOL

You can just see my lame smile just now. Sometimes homeworks are so purging me. Again, it's SO LAME. But think back, if such a small thing I also cannot do, how am I going to do BIG things in future? If such a small thing also cannot do, am I just a terrible disaster to myself?

So guys, face the homeworks with courage. You will feel the sense of satisfaction and compliment to yourself upon completion of each homework. Your hard work will never be left unpaid.

Thank God for his grace tonight. His existence around me is strongly felt, even at this very time. Pray that God will help me to take my responsibility as a student properly. Never ever cease hope in God. Must not forget that.

From now on, I hope I can blog about my own thoughts and feelings on some specific topics. Be it religion, relationships, family, politic and so on. As well as some special events. I know some of you are already bored with my day-to-day narrating, so it's time to change.

OK, signing off, the love of God be with you all.

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