January 3, 2007

What a BAD school reopening day

Yeah, never felt so bad in the school reopening day like what I have been experienced today! Read on to know more.

Actually I hope this day could be terrific, could be nice, could be went in my way. However, it went horribly wrong for me. Hopes are left to ashes.

As well as I entered the class, I already knew the seating plan was not pleasing to me at all. My "geographical" position still not the best for me. Fair enough, I still can take it in.

After the Mass, what a horror to me when I see the assembly was all in trouble! Every prefect, including me, was totally not prepared for it. Enough with the super duper long. boring assembly, the student inspection was also very horrid.

Prefect meeting after that, to me, went all the way wrong. I don't think it's beneficial, nor the long speech by teacher has anything to do with us. Well then, we all managed to get out of the boredom after 1 hour inside there. Later I followed my class monitor to help taking the textbook, later helping my colleagues arranging the class. Very tired already upon reaching class, with my all smelly sweat "fragrance" around myself.

When back at home, my mood was not good already. I could not do my jobs properly and with focus. When Mum yelled at me, complaining my undone work, I could not help but to think "I am really suck." With disappointment I slept for sometime.

Thought I would feel better after such a long sleep. Suddenly I discovered is LOST! OK, you all might celebrating now, making fun of me "Finally this guy has lost his camera! He's making own trouble! He deserves that! Shame on him!" etc etc. Well, very fair enough, pardon me being subjective, but very fair enough. Parents' reaction was not as big as I thought. Siblings already making fun of me. Fine then, maybe I really deserves that, but then it made my day a total disaster.

As for that, I wish to announce that the new class blog and prefect blog will be put on hold until a later date. Hope I can find my camera back, just keep hoping.

I surrender all my lame thoughts of myself, all the horrid things happening today, all my emotions to God. I am sure He's in charge of everything, and always gives what is exceeding my expectations. Even in my worst situation, I am very very sure He's always be with me.

God bless you all!

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