June 13, 2007

Sorry we lose again

It's yet another defeat for our school brass band. No disrespect to other teams, but from my Mum's account, our school should really win it, EASILY.

Too bad I can't see the band competition due to exams that yet to be taken. Lot's of my friends went there to support our team, as we're looking forward for something spectacular this time.

This cause our class left with only few classmates. Miss Irene buzzed a lot about the drum major for St. Joseph's Kuching drum major's failure to catch the stick after throwing it up. She said we have some hope. None was said about our most rival team, Chung Hua a.k.a. World Champions however. We were left guessing around only. BORING

Khin Sheng even joked to me, to know the results, just look at Belinda's face and mood tomorrow. That's so LOL.

Then when I hopped into my car, my Mum was even more excited to tell me everything happened there. Wahseh, she even said that us and World Champions booing each other, how they uniform look like, formations, how special is our school team and so on. She was very confident that WE CAN WIN.

As soon as I reached home, I called Emma to know the results. Felt disheartening to know World Champions won and we got No.3. I wonder how our school team reacted. No disrespect to anyone, I think we rued our chance again.

Well, certainly this is not the end of the world. The bad has lot's of potentials. Keep it up OK? We're proud of you guys.

So, let's have a moment of my team's triumph at Kuantan, shall we?

Felt very happy to win 1 gold and 1 bronze at my possibly highest level I can go.

Nothing can match my experience got from the competition. I am trying to compile everything to let you see what I have gone through. Good thing must be share ba, right?

God bless you all!

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