November 6, 2007

Our days together are numbered

Surely, our school time before SPM, times to have fun with friends at school are very numbered now. Too bad. It's pity though that many friends didn't turn up to school and have fun.

Yesterday quite a number of us received certificates for the Australian Mathematics Competition. I am very glad to have obtained CREDIT grade. Hehe, didn't waste my 30 bucks for that.

But then...

Hey Leslie, why are you covering my handsome face? -_-"

This morning I also had rehearsal sessions for our convocation. Though only one-third of students turned up, it dashed out all my glooms as some funny things happened!

Just go to convocation ceremony this Saturday to find it out! Hehe...

Back at class, we could be more boring than playing around. Ah Bong really drove us insane.

I didn't really know what's happening to him to have himself blindfolded! In return, we just played him lo.

I let the pictures do all the talking to show how fun is Ah Bong la. Hahaha... That's the fun you'll get if you come to school. You won't get this original fun at home now, or at future times as well. Haha...

Study hard everyone! God bless you all!

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^@h_k!t^ said...

u really post it meh...
i so malu la
ko ,can u giv me the
original photo kah
o u send 2 my frenster
o where aso can..
as long as i can get it
can u...
thanks a lot yaa