August 3, 2008

My luxurious KFC breakfast

And I think it's healthy, fibrous and nutritiouos! 

My Sunday KFC breakfast. As you can see, there are a cup of coffee, a bowl of chicken porridge, a large bowl of coleslaw (yeah, from this picture it does look like some pork stew LOL), and a copy of New Sunday Times. 

Price? All that for freaking RM11.20! Hohoho... Bearing in mind I have not consumed any rice for the previous 2 days, this is just the one I have wanted.

But as a price for that, I gonna have to eat bread this whole week! Gardenia non-stop! One loaf of Classic Jumbo (priced RM2.90) can provide me all 3 daily meals! How good is that! How cheap! 

I hope I can focus in the coming study week. Rest assured I will settle down soon. Fingers crossed. 

To my family and friends back home, you will be always in my heart. I will always miss you all even though it hurts. 

God bless you all. Let's pray for each other.

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