October 5, 2008

Staying at KLIA for too long

I have already arrived back in my hostel. Today is virtually an off-day for diploma students for certain unknown reasons.

I have been in KLIA yesterday for about 4 hours or so. It's getting very boring. I have ate a lot of pricey stuffs here, and will not buy anymore until I go into departure hall.

It's very sad for me that I have to go back Perlis to continue my studies. Obviously I just can't have enough holidays. This one-week-holiday was a mixture. There's many happy, disappointed, sad, angry, pretty moments. In general, I quite like it.

There's no reason for me to hate holidays OK.... And seriously I need some sleep now.

Just share some pics I took with my new camera phone just now. Not so many, just little bit.

Long long lines at Miri Airport. People are really unhappy about the one-hour-delay.

Inside the hot bus towards KLIA. Not good.

No no, I am not Burger King fan. It's so freaking expensive you know!

No fast food can beat KFC, especially their chicken. Hehe..

Gloomy and bored look at Food Garden.

Lot'ts of check in counters! Really can get lost!

Showing off my Malaysia Airlines boarding pass. Say NO to Airasia for this time.

The aircrafts under the clouds. Herm..

Yeah, my flight, final call already.

I will be in Perlis for about 7 freaking months, where some important assignments, projects, and final semester exam will take place. It's so not going to be easy.

Pray for me OK?

God bless and love you all....

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