February 28, 2009

I have a new "baby"

Wahahaha, yeah, I do have a new, damn new baby. :)

Check this out.

FINALLY I DO HAVE MY VERY OWN CAMERA! Wee~~~ So happy now! This camera cost me 380 bucks (after some bargaining, actually is 399 bucks), which I think suits my budget perfectly well.

Don't ask me why I have this pinky camera. At first I also think, "pink, what the what.. girlish colour!"

However I just bite the bullet because other colours have been sold out.... And Samsung is way better because of its imported quality (compared to Nikon). Hmmm..

So I let you see my camera's first pictures...

Now online in my very own pig sty.... hehe..

There are always people playing street football every evening...

However, I also need to be very cautious from now on. Certainly I don't want my new "baby" follow the "footsteps" of the lost mobile phone last time. Hmmm...

OK, that's all for me now! Now I don't need to worry for the ingredients for blogging lo! Hahaha...

God bless you all!

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