May 20, 2009

Penang Trip Part 1 : Penang Hill

This is the first place of interest that I chose to visit when I was in Penang island.

If you want to visit this place, just board Rapid Penang bus number 204 from Weld's Quay, or from KOMTAR.

OK, let you see how this place looks like.

The main entrance to the funicular train. Another option to go up the hill is by using jeep, at another entrance.

Platform at Middle Station. Need to change trains.

View inside the train. Pretty nice.

We're going up...

The controls of the train.

Me in the middle of people. Duh hot hot hot...

A stop called Claremont Station, usually for the jungle hikers.

Another train coming by...

Going through the tunnel.

Should be about 700 meters above sea level.

Top station! I was there!

A hillside cottage there, hazy and cloudy view of the city.


The map of the whole Penang Hill. It's actually inhabited by quite a number of people here. And I realised with my conditions I can't walk every place. How sad...

Old style train..

Pity the telephone. The phone should be OK, but the booth just shows its age. Hmm..

There's a post office there, but it's not opening!! AH! There's a police station up there too.

Some kind of roundabout there.

It's a bit a blow that I cannot go through everywhere there. There's also a hotel, fancy restaurants and food stalls. It's good for people to go up there to escape the hustle and bustle down in the city.

Yeah that's all from me now. Miri is so freaking hot. I must admit. I am sweating now.

God bless you all.


Emma said...

albert.. u went tp penang alone ar?? hmmmm!!!!

Your Humble Servant said...

[emma] yeah i went there alone... :)