May 25, 2009

Penang Trip Part 2 : Kek Lok Si

Kek Lok Si, or directly translated as "Temple of Extreme Happiness", is located pretty near to Penang Hill railway station in the district of Air Itam. It's possible to walk from there.

It's one of the most famous temples around Penang island. And for me, it's the only one I managed to go.

The temple is far away. One need to go up a small hill.


One big temple building.

The pagoda on a side.

The statues. I didn't go in. :)

Another pagoda. There are beggars on the corridors. zzz

Another 3 statues on another smaller temple.

An upper view.

Ate this famous Air Itam asam laksa. Not bad I have to say. The sugar cane juice is a very good thirst quencher.

Guess who are these 2 people?? Hehehe...

More rest for me then. Hehehe...

God bless you all!

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