June 3, 2009

Penang Trip Part 3 : Fort Cornwallis

Sorry everyone, I have been too LAZY to update my blog recently. Sorry sorry... I shall continue on my journey at the Pearl of the Orient.

My next stop was Fort Cornwallis.

And you were greeted with cannons. Without gunners, but with electric wires. Hehehe...

This is the main entrance, with a guy wearing English traditional clothes to greet you. Tickets are priced 3 bucks per person for adults.

The first thing I saw is this hut.

Sirih? Or tobacco? Maybe marijuana? Hmm...

With this Indian guy inside, acting macho and cool..

Well, the person behind this historical landmark is no other than the Founder of Penang, Francis Light.

Does he look handsome? Point to note though, it's not really him though. Hehehe..

His hats... Victorian style..

Hats along side with the gun.

Do you know what is this? Do tell me what you think it is in the comments! Haha..

There's a little chapel here. Nothing inside.

However there were some horses behind it! Strange, why do they keep horses here? Won't they going to jump off the wall and make all troubles downtown?

This is Penang in paintings when Francis Light started it off.

Some guy in the gallery..

Spices... ah, that made Europeans crazy on our land during those times.

A little sheep there... hehe... or goat? Hmm..

Some kind of painting of someone close to Francis Light.

Old time English camp. Maybe at those times they even know how did bricks look light, hmm?

Prison. Can you see the cell number hanging there?

Inside the prison. Looks cool.

Another cannon aiming to YOU!

Can you guess what is this little house for?


Prepare to fire, or maybe, GET FIRED. LOL :)

OK la, I am done for today. For sure, with this man called Francis Light, even though as a colonial invader, without him, there will be no Penang as it is today.

I will try to update more. I promise. Training my juniors for First Aid Competition are getting tougher and tougher.

Life goes on.. God bless you all!

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