November 28, 2009

Delayed flight DELIGHT :)

This is my face when I was on board MH2598, on my way back to my hometown, Miri.


Yeah, lame, angry because this flight was delayed its take-off by almost 1 hour.

The reasons? Late arrival of aeroplanes. Not to mention the cabin crew were late as well. At first I was very disappointed and I look like that.

Until I was served this…


ICE CREAM! Not just any ice cream, it’s Baskin Robin’s ice cream! Wow! That’s certainly a welcomed surprised for me! Haha! All my frustration gone in a flash.

Not to mention their, as always, top class service of Malaysian Hospitality. Everything that I requested was given! Peanuts, more orange juice, whatever, all given! Talk about “ask and you shall be given” ! Hahaha!


Yeah, I won’t forget this very first moment of enjoying ice cream on board. And it’s only with Malaysia Airlines domestic! Hehe!

God bless you all!

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