December 31, 2009

New toy before the New Year

Yesterday I bought myself something very major in my life. With my very own savings.

It’s my first ever on-the-road vehicle I buy in my life. :)


BICYCLE! Yeah! Equipped with big front basket, and back compartment, just suits me. One possible drawback is that it’s a single-speed. Hmmm

I have always wanted to buy a bike since my lecture rooms and laboratories are too near for to go by bus, and yet too far to walk. Furthermore, I can use that to exercise. :)

So I bought this bicycle from a specialized bicycle shop in Kuala Perlis.


This shop, only sells bicycles and anything related to it, and nothing else. Look at this!


Crowded with bicycles!

And it’s nearing the end of school holidays, so the boss was busy selling and repairing bicycles. Kids there go to school on themselves on bicycle, not like my hometown kids and us university students *ashamed face*.

The boss also promised me free services whenever I visit his shop. True enough, when I discover that the back tyre is punctured, he helped me to change the tyre tube. :)


Boss’ nephew helped to change the tyre tube, now install the back tyre back into position.


That’s the boss. Very helpful in my first impression. However, when I first walked into his shop with my shirt and laptop bag, he thought that I am a salesman! LOL!

So what a toy it is before the New Year! Yes, I had more body pains now, but anything la to make me healthier, more freedom and a greener Earth! Hahaha!

Happy New Year everyone! God bless!

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haru said... nest time i can borrow your bicycle to go to the kangar.haha