January 30, 2010

Farmville rocks! :)

I have been playing Farmville for several months. I started playing this since my friends in my class were buzzing about Farmville.

I can’t stand the temptations, then I jumped into Farmville bandwagon. From a small farm, I got myself a 24 x 24 Mighty Farm at my disposal.

Since I am damn boring, I might just as well post some photos here la, for you all to see my “effort”. LOL!


Pigs, chickens, sheeps, goats, cows… All here. :)


Greatest asset in Farmville – Villa is here, along side with barns, sheds, windmills and workshop.


Got farm house, post office, grocery shop, cottage with cats…


Here are my personal parking garage! Haha got school and library again…


Make use of the unused too small space for trees…


Me, the farmer, stranded inside here, so that I can play my game faster! Haha!

So that's it. My farm. I wish I can be more hardworking working on my studies as hard as I work on my “farm”! Hahaha!


God bless you all!


xodork said...

Ya dunnoe, everyone i knew was either playing farmville or yoville, but then we all figured it was kinda waste after time :D

Your Humble Servant said...

[xodork] you have a point also la... it's kind of wasting time, but hey, it's a game anyway to WASTE TIME... lol