March 24, 2010

Kuala Perlis public library

Few days ago I made a visit to Kuala Perlis public library just to kill off my waiting time of my next lecture. It’s just a stone throw away from my school actually.


From the outside, it does look quite big, a bungalow library. However, it’s not that big in the inside.


That’s just about the size of the adult’s section at upstairs. Kids’ section at downstairs and I am not interested about it. Hehe…

As you can see above, not much books are there with 3++ open-book shelves. The English books collection is rather limited as well. Hmmm

Nevertheless, it is a perfect place for those school students to come here by bicycles and study in groups.


Just like this. They had some enclosed discussion rooms. However, it’s not allowed for both genders to mix here. It means boys and girls are not allowed to sit together anywhere in the library.


“Lelaki sahaja.” Boys only in this table. Girls are other side. This is applicable practice in all libraries in Perlis.


I know their good intention to prevent fornications, but I just hope their good won’t result into more gays and lesbians. Hmmm…


Even so, some don’t care about it.


These are the reference collections, which is not allowed to be borrowed out. It’s such as shame because majority of good books are here.

As for me, my visit there is just this.


To read that Reader’s Digest for FREE. I don’t need to pay 15 bucks to buy Reader’s Digest anymore. Hehe :p

In a nutshell, I like to drop by this library just to get some air-conditioned and exercise my mind. :)

Note that it’s actually not permitted to take photos inside the library. I didn’t get any permission either. So, whatever, catch me if you want to. :)

God bless you all!

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